Welcome to the AJE Forum!

Welcome to the AJE Forum!

On behalf of the American Journal of Education’s (AJE) senior editorial board, I am delighted to announce the launch of this forum.  The AJE Forum is run by the Student Advisory Board, and is designed to act as a companion website to the journal. It is a space for new and revisited educational issues to be highlighted and discussed.

The forum seeks to complement rather than duplicate the online presence of the journal. (For main site, click here.) Occasionally, the University of Chicago Press will make certain AJE articles discussed on the forum available at no cost.  We hope this website will spark members of the education community to engage the journal’s material as well as the analytic essays and blog pieces written or commissioned by the Student Advisory Board.

I encourage you to take time to engage with the material and post your own thoughts. Please also consider signing up to receive email notifications of new content, typically no more than once per week. This option appears on the right-hand column of the forum’s homepage.

Gerald LeTendre, Editor



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